General Info

Where can I get help on the day?

Our PA caravan is situated by the main arena. Show Volunteers can be identified by their green show t-shirts – if you have any queries please just ask one of us. There is also an information tent located on site.

Where are the Toilets situated?

Are situated on BOTH sides of the road. Toilets are located near to the main arena.

Toilets on the Church side of the road are located near to the Manor House as well as in the Barn Theatre.

A baby change facility and disabled toilet is available by the Rectory.

There is also a disabled toilet situated in the Church.

Are there baby changing facilities?

A baby change facility and disabled toilet is available by the Rectory.

Are there accessible toilets onsite?

A disabled toilet is available by the Rectory and there is also a disabled toilet situated in the Church.

Is there First Aid at the show?

The St John Ambulance Service are at the Show. They are located near to the Rectory.

Can I escape the hustle & bustle?

Please visit our quiet pastoral area located near The Rectory.

Are the fire brigade present?

The Fire Brigade are on duty whilst at the Show BUT may be called to an emergency. Please DO NOT block their exit route at any time.

Will photographs be taken?

The Countess of Warwick Country Show organisers assume that they have your permission to use photographs taken during the course of the Show in promotional material and on the website, unless notified to the contrary.

What if I lose something?

Lost property can be handed in to the PA caravan next to the main arena. Announcements will be made during the show regarding items lost or found. After the Show please contact us through the website regarding any lost property.

Is there a cash point at the Show?

No, unfortunately due to the rural location there are no cash withdrawal facilities, the nearest being in Great Dunmow. However most stalls accept card payments and we do encourage you to use this method.

I am not sure which day I shall be coming so can I change the ticket once purchased online?

This year we have decided that if you buy on line your ticket will be valid for both days.

You will need to check-in to obtain a wrist band on each day.

Can I pay for entry on the day?

Yes but tickets will be a little more expensive on the day – prices are detailed  on our information page here.
Help us to reduce queues by buying online.

Does my ticket give me access to all parts of the Show?

Please check in on as soon as you have parked and you will receive a wrist band that ensures access to all areas including the Horticultural Tent and the Art Show.

What can I expect from my visit?

FUN! There is so much to see and do at our show that many people visit on both days. From watching arena events to taking part in the art or horticultural shows, admiring the classic cars to petting the animals, there really is something for everyone.

Can I get public transport to the show?

No, the show is a rural location. The nearest town with any public transport is Great Dunmow, 2 miles from the show ground. (please bear in mind the show is over the bank holiday so buses may not be in operation)

Animal Marquee

Are the animals tame, is it safe?

Yes, there are small animals that can be held under supervision, the larger farm animals are docile, but should not be touched or fed. All animals are supervised by their owners and have been specially selected for their calm temperament.

What is the procedure for entering the tent?

There is one entrance and a separate exit and we ask that you sanitise your hands on entry and exit. At crowded times we may restrict entry, but this does not normally last for long

Arena Events

How do I know what events are taking place and their times?

Check the website in the days before the Show. There are schedules of events by each arena entrance and elsewhere on the showground.

Can we join in?

Yes, there are several events where children and adults can participate such as Egg and spoon, sack and dog races, tug of war, meet the shire horses, etc…

How do we enter the arena?

Through the four entrances marked by white poles at the ends and sides.

What about photography?

Our Show photographer will be in the arena from time to time so that we can create the photo galleries on the website. If you do not want you or your children to be photographed please let us know and we will ensure your wishes are complied with.

Art Show

Who can enter ?

Any person living in the 5 parishes over 16 years of age.

How many items can I enter ?

Up to 5

Do they have to be paintings?

No, they can be any art work in any medium – we also accept sculptures and photographs.

How much does it cost to enter?

It’s just £3 per item to exhibit.

Can I enter prints as well?

Yes  – you can enter up 10 prints – cards etc of each item at a cost of £2 for each different image they are of.

Can I enter a print that’s not for sale?

Yes but it will be displayed in a separate area from your for sale pictures – if you are entering prints of it they will be displayed on a table nearby.

Is there a charge for selling my artwork/prints?

Yes a figure of 12% is deducted.

How will I receive payment for my sold pictures/prints?

When you collect unsold pictures/prints  we will tell you if we have sold any – if so we will ask for a bank account to pay your money into – this may take 10 – 14 days.

When do you need my entries?

On Saturday 24th August please bring them to Little Easton church between 10:30 and 2pm where after out team will hang them. You can collect unsold items after 4:00 on Monday 26th August.

How can I help or support the show?

We always need volunteers on the days of the show to he help with selling the artworks – also if you have skills in hanging the pictures on Saturday the 24th after 2pm – we are always pleased to accept donations as well. (see para 3 on entry form).

Can I buy any art ?

Some exhibitors so sell prints of their art – card payments on the day only

Is the art show also a competition ?

No it’s just an exhibition

Car Show

How do I enter the Classic Car Show?

All entries whether single cars or Car Clubs must be pre-booked. Space is limited and places are filled each year on a first come, first served basis. To be added to our mailing list and receive an entry form please contact us. NB: if you contact us after this year’s entries are sent you will be added to the list to receive a form for next year.

Can I bring my classic car on the day if I have not pre-booked?

We LOVE classic cars but do need them to be pre-booked so we can safely arrange space. If you want to travel in your pride and joy then of course please feel free to do so, parking is available on cut fields (all cars left at owner’s risk of course).

Which day is the Classic Car Show?

The judged classic car show is held on the Sunday but there are cars to be seen on both days.

What is the criteria to enter the classic car show?

We enjoy seeing all different types of classic cars on our show lawn and therefore so long as your car was built before the year 2000, it is eligible to enter.

I run a car club, can we attend the event?

Car clubs are invited to attend on the Monday of our show – pre booking essential.

Car Parking

Is there a separate charge for parking?

No the entry ticket includes parking.

Is there a disabled parking area?

Disabled parking is available. Use the common car park entrance for the field on the right as you drive up Park Road  but then drive the length of that field towards the church where you will find reserved lanes for Disabled Badge holders. Please ask one of the car park helpers if you need assistance.

Can I park at the Show?

Free off road parking is available on the fields on both sides of Park Road leading up to the church. There will be volunteers in high viz jackets directing you to one of these car parks. Please follow the directions as our aim is to get the cars off the road as quickly as possible.

You will then be directed to the next space – again please park as directed to maximise the use of the car parks.

We encourage local visitors to walk or car share where possible. Please bear in mind ground will be uneven and affected by weather conditions. We provide a Blue Badge parking area as close to the Show entrance as possible. All vehicles are left at owner’s risk.

The Five Parishes and Countess of Warwick Country Show organisers will not accept liability for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents however sustained.


Dogs and Dog Show

Can I bring my dog to the Show?

Yes, dogs on short non-retractable leads are welcome. Why not enter your dog into the Dog Show.

Please do not leave your dog(s) in your car.

Please ensure you pick up after your dog.

We provide watering stations at the dog show tent and around the showground.

How do I enter the Dog Show?

Please download the form here and fill it in ready to hand in on your arrival. Make sure you hand in as early as possible to ensure you get into the class of your choice. Entries will be taken from 12 noon on both days and a ready filled form will fast track the process for you.

Can I register for the dog show on the day?

There will be registration forms available on the day but there can be queues, so a ready filled form will fast track the process for you. Please download the form here and fill it in ready to hand in on your arrival. Make sure you hand in as early as possible to ensure you get into the class of your choice. Entries will be taken from 12 noon on both days.

My dog isn’t a pedigree, can they still take part?

Yes of course they can, all well behaved dogs are welcome, and we find the beauty in all of them.

What time does the dog show start?

Show entries from 12 noon on the day. Judging between 2:30pm and 4:30pm

Scurry open between 11:30am and 2:30pm

Which classes can I enter?

A link to the entry form with the available classes can be viewed here

What is the maximum age in the young handler class

16 is the maximum age to enter the young handler category

What is the minimum age for a dog in the Best Veteran class?

Entries are for dogs aged 9 and over.

What is the age requirements for the Cutest Puppy class?

Puppies are classified as 1 year and under

Is there water available for my dog?

Yes we do provide a watering station at the dog show tent and around the showground

What is a Scurry?

A scurry takes place in a long enclosure with a few bales of straw as jumps. It is a competition which begins with someone throwing a dummy about 30 – 40 yards from where you are ready with your dog. Your dog should then retrieve the dummy as quickly as possible, and the dog with the fastest time wins.

Are there prizes for the winners?

Yes all entries get a rosette and the winners receive doggy related prizes such as dog biscuits and treats from our sponsors on the day.

Food and Drink

Can I purchase food & drink on the day?

Yes, there are a huge variety of food and drink stalls at the Show, all of which are contributing valuable funds to the charity. We do encourage you to make full use of these facilities. Many will cater for vegetarian, vegan and food intolerances. Please see the list of stalls on the website.

Can I bring my own food & Drink?

There are a huge variety of food and drink stalls at the Show, all of which are contributing valuable funds to the charity. We do encourage you to make full use of these facilities. You can bring your own picnic if you prefer but please do take all your rubbish home with you.

Horticultural Show

Can I enter on the first day of the show?

We would very much appreciate those who can to enter in advance using the form on the schedule, but can accept last minute entries on the Sunday morning before 10.00am

Am I able to just make one entry?


Where can I find a copy of the schedule?

On this website, Facebook, local shops and churches.

Can I buy any horticultural exhibits?

Some exhibitors kindly allow us to auction the entries for Show funds – the auction is great fun and held in the horticultural marquee on Monday as the Show closes

When can I collect my entries?

4.30pm on Monday afternoon.


When are the best restored tractors marked, Sunday or Monday?

The best restored tractors are all marked on Monday by 11am

What time is the best restored tractor announced?

Monday  at 3.30pm

What time is the restored tractor procession around the ring taking place and on what day?

3.30pm Monday 29th August 2022

How much does it cost to enter the tractor competition?

No cost, it is free to enter.

When are ploughing competition winners announced?

On Sunday all competitors will take place in a parade at 3.30pm and the winners will then be announced. 

On Monday novice competitors will join the best restored tractor parade at 3.30pm and winners will then be announced.

Where can I find the entry form?
All entrants from the previous year will be sent a copy of the application form and details of the ploughing events – in addition the form will be available on this website for download
Do I need to send proof of my tractor insurance?

Yes, we will need this before the day.

How early can I bring my tractor on site?

From 11am on Saturday

Do I need to pay for entry to the show if I am a Vintage Tractor competitor?

It is free entry for the competitor and one guest.

when do I need to remove my tractor from the site?

By 10am on Tuesday

Is there a minimum age for a person to drive a tractor around the ring or take part in the competition?

You would need to hold a provisional licence and be 16 years old or over.

What is the security for tractors left over night on the showground?

There is a security firm patrolling all night for the two nights and they keep in touch with the Police.


How may I help?

There are always opportunities to get involved in the Countess of Warwick Show; whether it’s just a couple of hours helping with car parking or marshalling right through to taking on a role on the organising committee – we warmly welcome new recruits and there is a role for everyone. Please do get in touch by email or talk to any of the volunteers (green Tshirts!) on the day.