The Horticultural Tent round up

The Horticultural Tent, one of the big centre pieces of the show and it was originally what our great show was built on, we have recently found some newspaper cuttings that show that in 1914 there were over 2000 entries.

Some might think that our 447 entries this year could be seen as disappointing but it is certainly not and after the driest summer in nearly 90 years my concerns set in early thinking we would be lucky if we get 100 entries but as ever the supporters of the show came out and supported like they always do, and yes the fruit and vegetable sections were down, but the other sections certainly made up for the numbers and the tent looked absolutely wonderful! 

It is great every year to see some of the stalwarts of the show still entering and it is even better to see new names giving it a go, in the schedule there is always something for everyone from baking to crafts from vegetable growing to pottery throwing

We are a small, but mighty, sub committee from the main show who organise and run the tent and we are already busy working on the schedule for 2023, if you are reading this and have any suggestions for classes do not hesitate to get in touch. 

We look forward to seeing you next year with either your abundance of entries or just as a spectator! 

The Horticultural Team 

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