Not just runner beans!

There's a Class to Enter for Everyone in our Horticultural Tent!

Young, old, amateur, professional, green fingered or not – take a look below and see how you can get involved.

We try to make classes accessible to all. You may not be a pro knitter or florist but your time and effort is always appreciated by the judges and certainly by us, the committee.

We love to see a full class! The tent is always meant to be fun some may take more of a professional view but for us amateurs, professional and those just giving it a go are all welcome!

Below is a snippet of each section for all classes:

The horticultural tent vegetables


Everything from 5 tomatoes to the more elaborate collection of vegetables on a tray. We never know with the weather what we are going to get, some grow for the show every year and some rally round the garden in the morning to see what is available.

Herbs and Medicinal

Have you got an aloe vera plant that you have ignored for years, and it has grown into something spectacular – bring it along, have you got the staple mint growing you could simply pop in a vase and enter, you may be in for a rosette, suddenly your mint becomes special!

horticultural tent


Admittedly slightly more specialist and no one will be surprised to hear that you may not know your Decorative from your Pom Pom dahlia but if you have a dahlia we will have a class for you.

Other Flowers and Plants

There are some specific classes such as Floribunda Rose Spray or a Spray of Outdoor Fuchsia but don’t think the section isn’t for you – one of my favourite classes is ‘Your Best Cut Garden Flower’ this can be anything you are proud of, and we would love to see it!

Floral Art

A hobby to many and I urge you to enter this wonderful section. It’s always such an attraction, brightens up the tent and creates a real drama. Our wonderful judge helps us come up with the classes and this year there are some great themes.


Exactly what it says on the tin – apples, pears, berries ad gages – we would love to see them all. Minimal if any presentation, all we ask is for them to be presented on a plate.

horticultural tent


If you have a penchant for craft this is the section for you. Just one of the classes, hand knitting with a pattern supplied so when it comes to judging the knitting is judged not the item, so please don’t feel intimidated. There are plenty of other classes including Lego, woodwork, homemade Christmas decoration which is something you may already have tucked away.

Domestic and Homecraft

The section that along with Vegetables makes the Horticultural Tent what it is! We would love to see your efforts, create a challenge amongst friends over who can bake the best chocolate chip cookies, or Lemon Drizzle (men only!) do you have chickens – enter some prize winning eggs, or are you a keen home brewer?

horticultural tent


This is a huge section with all different ages and appropriate classes for all. There are crafts, baking and making. Lego, handwriting and the latest children’s class ‘Have you Done Something Recently that you are Proud of?’ Did you make something at school, cubs, brownies etc… you are proud of? Please enter and show off!

All children over 12 are welcome to enter the adult classes. There are book vouchers and special trophies up for grabs!

Download an entry form here

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