Who will you find in the animal marquee this year?

Animal marquee 2023

Delighted to announce the animals on show when you visit the Animal marquee this year.

Range of poultry cages for sale – Claudia Audley, Bury Green Poultry https://burygreenpoultry.co.uk/

Variety including, pigs, poultry etc. – Rachel Berry, Daisy Mays Farm –  www.daisymaysfarm.org

Sheep including Pedigree Ryeland – Hales Farms

Red Poll cattle – Tom Marsh, Hallingbury Herd marshredpoll@hotmail.com

Alpacas – Dennis & Isabel Litjens, Little Easton Manor

Saffron Walden Bee Keepers – Steph Green www.swbka.org

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