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The last marquee has come down, . . .

The bales, hurdles and signs have been collected, the animals, cars, crowds and tractors have gone home. The Showground, Manor and Ploughing match field return to their peaceful existence for another year. But as this the 26th annual show fades into the past, phones, ipads and cameras will have captured images to be emailed, facebooked, posted, published, shared, twittered, whatsapp’d, and generally admired!

Whether you loved the dogs, horses, pigs, sheep, tractors, cars, cheered on participants in the egg and spoon and sack races, the tug of war, the tractor challenge, shopped in the craft areas, sampled the Pimms, duck wraps, paella, hog roast, sang along to The Downside, Odyssey Blues Band, or Shakey Jake and Scott Forbes in the Young Farmers bar…whether you rode round the villages in a Silver Ghost, exhibited your prize vegetables, wine or cakes, shot an arrow, rode a pony, patted a heavy horse, bought a painting, studied how bees work, entered Mr McGregor’s Garden, were transfixed by the beautiful dressage display, had your face painted, off roaded in a Landrover, won a bottle, or participated in any of the other fascinating and varied activities available over the two days, then you will hopefully have gone home with happy memories and tales to tell!

We hope that the Show has remained true to its roots and that the Countess would recognise it today as in the long tradition she set up in the England of Queen Victoria, long before tractors were common in the fields, when farmers put their cattle on the train to take them to market, milked by hand, employed large numbers on the farms – some of whom grew their own produce and reared chickens in the gardens of their tied cottages. The show was originally for them to display the results of their labours and to get together to celebrate the end of the harvest.


The Show next year will be on Sunday 27th
and Monday Bank Holiday 28th August

Please do put it in your diaries!

Thanks to all who attended, participated, helped out, planned and contributed to the show!

We would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Show to express our Thanks to the Sponsors for their Support


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